Who am I

Mike is driven by his passion to deliver software that solves problems and helps others. Automating repetitive tasks, converting an idea to a prototype and later to a product or training and mentoring teams are some of Mike's strengths.

As an experienced leader in a variety of industries and positions, Mike has a wide range of "been there, done that" moments to help businesses successfully grow their teams and build products that last.

Mike has delivered dozens of training workshops and presentations to level up team members as well as partners and customers. He's a strong believer in building open, easy going team environments.

He stays on top of new technologies and understands the need to adjust processes and tools based on each unique situation.

Mike is the creator of html-to-react, an open source library with over 30k downloads in 2016. He's also the organizer of the ReactJS Vancouver meetup group with 800+ members.

Mike's main skills include Javascript, React (and its ever-growing ecosystem), Google Cloud Platform, and whatever else it takes to get a product deployed to production.


Stuff I do

  • Software Development

  • Blogging

  • Presentations

  • Workshops / Training