Mike's headshot

I'm Mike. I improve your developer experience to save you time and money.

I've automated things for as long as I can remember, starting with math & physics homework way back in middle school.

Throughout my career, I focused on team efficiency and with that, developer experience. The more enjoyable a project is to work on, the more fun developers have, which leads to a more relaxed, productive work environment.

Every time a developer runs into the same issue, their motivation drops a little. Over time, this turns into bitterness and an overall negative attitude towards a given project. With that mindset, the interest to write maintainable, clean code slowly erodes.

This is why I advocate for fully automated, reproducible developer environments.

We all hate context switching (e.g. we work in a feature branch and are asked to review a PR).
We all have started the dev server in a new branch only to see an error because of outdated / missing dependencies.
We all have run git stash and forgot about what we stashed.

All of the above can easily be avoided with automated, reproducible developer environments.