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Test GitHub Actions locally

Finally, no more 'fix github action' commit messages, over and over again. Learn how to test your GitHub Actions locally, and all you need is one tool installed.

Svelte & XState

State-driven user interfaces with Svelte & XState. Learn how to define a state machine and how to use it in your Svelte components.

🔥  Dev environments in the cloud are a half-baked solution

Cloud-only dev environments are fundamentally interested in charging you for writing code. Instead, we need a hybrid solution that automates local dev environments AND let's you run them in the cloud, should you choose to do so.

A smart guide for your career as a software engineer

Do you want to earn a six figure income, work from anywhere, live a lifestyle of your choosing and be a part of the people who develop the next generation software applications? Are you a software engineer already, but want to change jobs or advance in your current role to get promoted?

2020 - Year in Review

A look back at what was 2020. Highlights, what worked and what didn't.

Why I turned my homepage into a timeline

A short explanation of why I streamlined the homepage into a timeline showcasing my blog posts, Twitter stats, YouTube videos, and projects.

My personal website v2.0

A complete rewrite of my personal website and blog with Svelte, Sapper, mdsvex and Tailwind CSS. Blog posts can be reviewed on a preview URL and discussed in a pull request. The site follows best practices; accessibility (a11y), top Lighthouse score, Google's web vitals, and SEO.

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