Announcing a Full-Stack Web Development cohort-based course

With 100,000+ views 🎉 in the first week since its launch, my “Full Stack Web Development in the Cloud Course”1 showed me that there is a need for end-to-end software development workshops.

Besides the video course, I write on my blog2, published two books3, release open source projects4 and launched an interactive full-stack course5.

I am going to take this one step further.

Today, I am excited to announce a hands-on, live, project-based course with a small, highly motivated group of professional software engineers. We are going from the frontend via APIs to server-side business logic all the way to persistence in databases, wrapping it all up with automated deployments to production.

If this interests you, please apply below and read the rest of the announcement for a lot more details on what you will learn, the tech stack and pricing.

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in this course.

This is not your regular “How do I develop a web application?” course. This is me teaching you everything I have learned in 20+ years! Lessons learned and mistakes I have made as an individual contributor, as an engineering manager at multiple companies and as a technical advisor to CTOs of European airlines as part of my time at Google Cloud.

Let’s fast-track your career with this 4-week course. Why figure it all out on your own when you can work with me and the other attendees to grow collaboratively in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own!?

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a frontend application
  • Interact with a server through an API (REST and/or GraphQL)
  • Create services to deal with business logic
  • Persist data in SQL or NoSQL databases
  • Write end-to-end tests
  • Deploy the entire application to a production environment
  • Implement monitoring & alerts

The technology stack for this project includes:

  • Svelte & SvelteKit with Typescript6
  • Tailwind CSS7
  • Prisma8
  • Gitpod9

Course requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years experience with HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Highly motivated, this won’t be a walk in the park


  • This course is a hands-on experience. At the end, you:
  • Have a blueprint you can apply to your existing or next projects
  • Make better decisions and are more productive in your daily work
  • Are part of a community you can reach out to and collaborate with well beyond the timeframe of the course
  • Belong to a private GitHub organization with source code, discussions and various code snippets you can apply to your projects

Details & Pricing

  • 4 weeks, 2 times per week, 90-minute sessions live with me and the cohort
  • Ongoing chat-based Q&A
  • Bring (or build) your own project with a demo day in the last week
  • Life-time access to a private Discord community to meet other software engineers with the same goals, challenges and a variety of experiences
  • 3 months of Gitpod’s Professional plan included
  • A seat in the first cohort is discounted at $3,000 whereas future cohort seats are going to be $4,000+. (Ask your employer to support you since the course will have a direct impact on your daily productivity.)

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in this course.

The above form is to determine overall interest in the course. I will follow up with everyone to discuss course specifics.

Thank you and I am looking forward to helping you learn what it takes to develop & deploy a full-stack web application,

Mike 👋


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